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  • 2015/07/09
    They say that money is the mother's milk of politics. In this case, it's just the milk.A 100,000-cow dairy farm is being constructed in Northeast China to supply the Russian market with milk and cheese, in what can be construed as agricultural geopolitics.Russia has extended an import ban of most ag...
  • 2015/02/13
    This year marks a turning point in cultural exchanges between the United Kingdom and China.For the first UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange, China will showcase the very best of its culture in the UK and vice versa.The series of events was formally announced when Premier Li Keqiang visited the UK in...
  • 2014/04/16
    A bear farm's transition into a sanctuary has fueled hope among animal activists over a long-running national campaign to end the extraction of bile from the animals.A farm with 130 bears in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, is being transformed into a bear rescue center, sai...
  • 2012/04/16
    A dance troupe practices at the cultural station of Leshan township in Changchun, Jilin province.The reformed and revived cultural center system brings a better quality of life. Mu Qian reports in Beijing.Liu Xiuyun felt she had lost focus after retirement. All the 70-year-old did was watch TV and c...
  • 2010/12/15
    Suifenhe Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the only bonded zone on the Sino-Russian border in Northeast China. Zhong Pan / For China DailySuifenhe, on the Sino-Russian border in northeastern China, is part of the country's strategy of opening up border areas and plans to turn itself into a pioneer in th...
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